CMP丨合成器:Sonic Academy ANA 2

Our highly anticipated launch is finally here! We have spent many thousands of hours rebuilding and redesigning every nook and cranny of ANA to create a beautifully elegant and powerful synth. One that is super simple to use but with an extensive toolset to allow you to create complex and exciting sounds.

Over 3 YEARS in the making, our baby is finally ready and we can’t wait for you all to try it out.

So Fresh & So Clean

We have completely redesiqned the interface, with a brand new HD Retina ready GUI with both plastic white and a new black skin to choose from. With all of the new features we have crammed into ANA 2 it was a challenqe to present it all on screen without it qettinq cluttered, we have manaqed to accomplish this spindle and familiar layout that made ANA 1 so famous, whilst also qivinq you the full flexibility of what ANA 2 has to offer

Image result for Sonic Academy ANA 2


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